Date Formats (ttadv4180s000)

Use this session to view date formats.

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Field Information

Date Format

The identification code of the date format.

If the data type is date, this code can be used to specify display-formats in these components:

  • Form fields
  • Domains
  • Reports
  • Program scripts

In these components, the code must be specified as %D<date format>. For example, %D001 or %DA30.

The numeric codes are reserved by the software producer.

Day Name

This field indicates how the name of a day is displayed.

Day Number

This field indicates what day number is displayed.

Week Number

This field indicates whether the week number must be displayed.

Month Name

This field indicates how the month name must be displayed.

Month Number

This field indicates whether the month number is displayed.

Year Number

This field indicates whether the year number is displayed.

Separator [no/language separator/specific]

This field indicates which separator is used.


The separator which is displayed between year, month, week, and day. (This is only applicable if the separator indicator is a specified separator).

Zero Fill

If this check box is selected, the numbers are filled up with zeros. For example, with format DD-MM-YY, 1 Jan 2011 is displayed as 01-01-11 instead of 1-1-11.


The maximum length of the date in the date format.

Input Month Number/Week Number

The sequence of day number, month/week number, and year number that you must specify, depends on the regional settings on your client PC.