Question Descriptions (ttadv4166m000)

Use this session to maintain questions. Questions are a special type of message, which are used to request the input of a user in a specific situation at run time. Questions can be used in program scripts.

To maintain questions:

  • Select the language and package VRC of the questions that you want to edit or translate.
  • Select the code of the question.
  • Edit or translate the question in the right language.

Note: You can only maintain questions in your current package VRC.

Field Information


The language in which the question is formulated. If Tools is run time, messages are given in the language of the current user.


The description of the language code.


The code of the package to which the question belongs.


The description of the package.


The package VRC's version code.


The package VRC's release code.


The package VRC's customization code.


The description of the package VRC.

Question Code

The question's identification code. A question is uniquely identified by the combination of package code and question code.


Questions are used in Tools to request the user's input in a specific situation. If the questions are in your current package VRC, you can maintain them here.

The questions that are displayed in this session can contain codes such as %1$s, %1$d, and %1$e. If Tools is running, these codes are substituted by strings, digits, exponents, and so on.

For information about using the codes, refer to the Infor ES Programmers Guide (Infor Support Portal KB 22924522).