Messages (ttadv4151s000)

Use this session to maintain the messages that can be displayed to the user. Messages are used to show situation-dependent information to the user.

Message codes can be used in program script and can be linked to domains, tables, table fields, form fields, and so on.

Note: You can only maintain messages within your current package VRC.

Field Information


The message's language.

At runtime messages are given in the language of the current user.


The package to which the message belongs.


The version of the package for which the message is defined.


The release of the package for which the message is defined.


The customer extension of the package the message is defined for. This code is only relevant for customized software.

Message Code

The identification code of the message. A message is uniquely identified by the combination of package code and message code.

Message Type

The message type indicates a categorization of the messages.

Allowed values

To specify a value for this field, select one of the following message types:

Information All goes fine but there is something you may want to know
Warning Something went wrong, but the process is still running
Critical A fatal error occurred and the process is aborted.

The message that is shown when required.

This message can contain codes that are substituted when the message is displayed.


  • %1$s: substitution of a string
  • %1$d: substitution of a digit
  • %1$e: substitution of an exponent

For details on substitution symbols, refer to the description of the sprintf$ function in the Infor ES Programmers Guide (Infor Support Portal KB 22924522).


If this check box is selected, the message is expired for this package VRC and the package VRCs derived from it.