Table Row Versioning Definitions (ttadv4139m000)

Use this session to indicate which tables use row versioning.

Table row versioning adds a column (rcd_vers) to each enabled table. The value of the column is used to uniquely identify a version of that row. This is to eliminate a time consuming compare that involves a database read and a comparison of two complete records during the check whether a delayed lock is still valid.

To enable row versioning:

  1. Enter the tables, for which you want to define row versioning.
  2. Run the Convert to Runtime Data Dictionary (ttadv5215m000) session to convert the table definitions to the runtime data dictionary, and to reconfigure the tables.
  3. Log off and log on again.

To avoid problems with locked tables, ensure that all users have logged off before the reconfiguration starts.

For more information, refer to the online help of the Convert to Runtime Data Dictionary (ttadv5215m000) session.

Field Information


The package code of the table.


The code of the module to which the table belongs.


The identification code of the table.