Table Timestamp and Soft Delete Definitions (ttadv4136m000)

Use this session to define timestamps for LN tables and to specify which of these tables are 'soft delete' tables.

A timestamp is an additional column in a table that stores the date and time of the last change for each record.

A 'soft delete' table is a table whose records are no longer hard deleted, that is, actually deleted. Instead, the records are 'soft deleted'. See the online help of the Soft Delete field.

To create time stamps and soft delete records:

  1. Specify the tables for which you plan to define timestamps or support soft delete records.
  2. To actualize the changes to runtime, on the appropriate menu, select Convert to Runtime. The Convert to Runtime Data Dictionary (ttadv5215m000) session starts. Follow the instructions described in the online help of that session.

To avoid problems with locked tables, ensure that all users have logged off before the reconfiguration starts.

For more information, refer to the online help of the Convert to Runtime Data Dictionary (ttadv5215m000) session.

Field Information

Package Combination

The package combination for which a timestamp- or soft delete table must be defined.

Note: This field is not displayed if LN runs in the cloud.

The package code of the table.


The code of the module to which the table belongs.


The identification code of the table.


Select this check box to define a timestamp for the table.

Soft Delete

If this check box is selected, records are no longer actually deleted, that is, hard deleted. Instead, the records are 'soft deleted'.

This functionality is required for certain REST API’s to synchronize the data of deleted records. 'Soft deleted' records are not visible in the UI and cannot be restored. These records can only be made visible in the General Table Maintenance (ttaad4100) and Display General Table Information (ttaad4500) sessions.

If you select the Soft Delete check box, then automatically the Timestamp check box is selected and disabled.

Note: If you select this option, the database growth, and possibly SQL performance, are affected.