Default Sizes (ttadv3540m000)

Use this session to display sets of report sizes including margins, lengths and fonts.

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Field Information

Report Size

The code of the report size. This identifies a set of control variables for printing the report. The values belonging to the report size are used as defaults for a report.


The number of spaces at the beginning of each line.

Top Margin

The number of blank lines at the top of each page.

Bottom Margin

The number of blank lines at the bottom of each page.

Foot Margin

The number of lines allocated for the footer. If this field has value -1, the number of lines necessary for the footer is calculated by the report writer.


The total page length including top and bottom margin. If this value is -1, the length of the selected paper type is taken.

Page Width

The total page width including the left margin.


The font of the report as a default for all report layouts. These fonts can be defined in the printer information files of the printer being used.