Report Input Fields (ttadv3532m000)

Use this session to maintain the report input fields.

The input fields are used to specify the table fields or program scripts whose values have to appear in the report. All variables which are used in the report, must be defined as input fields.

Note: The variables in the program script, have to be declared as 'extern' on the program script from which the report is called.

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Field Information










The module to which the report belongs.


The identification code of the report. A report is uniquely identified by the combination of package code, module code, report code and language.

Field Name

The name of the variable which will be sent by the program script to the report. This variable can be a table field (like maitm001.item). It can also be a variable defined in your program script. This variable must be a global defined variable, type 'extern.

Depth of Repeating Field

When the report input variable is an array, this field contains the depth of the array. When the report input variable is a table field the depth can not be changed.

If the depth of a field is greater than 1, the field can not be a Presorted field.


The package code of the domain of the report input field.

Note: Only applicable for non-table fields.

The domain code of the specified input field.

Note: Only applicable for non-table fields.
Sort Mode

The sort mode of the report input variable. If at least 1 input field of a report has sort mode Ascending or Descending, the report will first sort the sent data before printing it. If you are sure that the sent data is presorted, use sort mode Presorted, because the sort by the report is time-consuming.

Only when the input variable has sort mode unequal to No it can be used as sort field in a report layout of type Before.field or After.field.

Sort Sequence

The sort order for report input fields with a sort mode. The sent data will be sorted first on input field with sort order 1, then on input field with sort order 2 etc.


If you want to sort addresses first by city and then by street, use sort order 1 for city and sort order 2 for street.