PDF Properties (ttadv3138m100)

Use this session to maintain PDF properties, including specific barcode properties.

When you print a report to PDF, the properties stored in the $BSE/java/PDF.properties file are taken into account.


These form commands are available:

Barcode properties
Starts the Barcode Properties (ttadv.brc.prp) session.
Convert Changes to Runtime
Converts changes to runtime. This action updates and overwrites the PDF.properties file with all properties that are defined in this session.

Field Information


The report code. If this field is blank, the property applies to all reports.


The barcode. If you specify BARCODE, the property applies to all reports.


An automatically generated sequence number.

Property Key

The PDF property key.

Property Value

The PDF property value.

Last Modified

The date when the property was last modified.

Modified By

The user who last modified the property.