Sessions (ttadv2500m000)

Use this session to display and maintain the sessions of a package.

Session are the basic functional elements of Tools applications and are used to perform actions or tasks.

You can distinguish the following session types:

  • Display
  • Maintain
  • Print
  • Update
  • Graph
  • Conversion

A session can consist of (a combination of) forms, reports, charts, tables, or program scripts.

Field Information


The code of the package to which the sessions belong.


The code of the displayed sessions' language.

Note: To change the value in this field, click Select Language... from the appropriate menu. The Select Language (ttstpselclan) session starts, which you use to reselect a language for the session.

The session's module code. Each session belongs to a module within a package.


The session code. Each session is uniquely identified by the combination of package code, module code, and session code.


The version code of the session's VRC.


The release code of the session's VRC.


The customer code of the session's VRC.


If this check box is selected, the session is no longer used in this package VRC or any lower derivatives of the package VRC.

Form Description

The session's description, displayed in the title bar of the session's window at runtime.