Available Indices by Session (ttadv2101s000)

Use this session to indicate which indices of the main table can be used in the session. If you run a session, you can switch the indices allowed by using the Change sequence option.

If you start the session, the available indices of the main table are shown by default, with the Active check box cleared. You can indicate which indices are applicable for this session and you can define a sort code for an allowed index.

You can also define the start index of the session. The start index is the index with sort code 1.

Field Information




The module code of the session. Each session belongs to a module in a specific package.


The session code. Each session is uniquely identified by the combination of the package code, the module code, and the session code.







File Number of Main Table

The package code of the main table, usually the same as the package code of the session itself. If they are different, the session's package VRC must be in the same package combination as the package of the main table. This can be defined in the Package VRCs (ttadv1111s000) session.

Main Table

The module code of the main table.

Main Table

The table number of the main table. The combination of package code, module code and table number identifies a table.


Indicates whether the index is applicable for the session. If this check box is selected, you can activate the index at run time through the Sort by command in the session's View menu.


The sort sequence number of the index. This number determines the order in which indices are displayed when you activate the Sort by command at runtime. The index with sort sequence = 1 is the session's start index.

Nr of Fields in View

If dynamic forms are linked to the session, this field is enabled. You can enter how many fields of the applicable index are displayed on the form. Counted from the first field in the index. After entering this field a window appears in which the fields of the index are mentioned.