Labels (ttadv1140s000)

Use this session to enter or change a label's details.

Field Information


The language for which you define or change the label.


The package in which you define or change the label.


The VRC in which the label is defined.


The VRC in which the label is defined.


The VRC in which the label is defined.

Label Description

The label text that will appear where the label is used in forms, reports and menus.

If you specified a height greater than one, you must use a % sign to indicate the line break.

To include the % character in the description, type %%.


Height Maximum Lenght Maximum Label Description Result on form/report
1 9 Item Code Item Code
2 4 Item%Code Item
1 14 Percentage [%%] Percentage [%]
2 5 Perc.%[%%] Perc.
Note: If the label code is equal to a table field name, the adjust method is dependant on the domain data. The domain data can be written over by the specifications in the label fields in forms or reports.

The label code.

Always use label codes that refer to database fields.

If the label is associated with a domain definition of a database table field, the label description is automatically aligned as defined for the domain. If you change the alignment of the domain, you do not need to change all the (multi-occurrence) forms. If you redump the forms to run time, the label description has the alignment that you defined for the domain.

Example tiitm001.item = field Item Code of table tiitm001

Label Code: tiitm001.item
Database Field : tiitm001.item, associated domain tiitm.item
Domain : tiitm.item
Description : Item Code

The maximum number of lines of the label description. The maximum value is three lines.

If the height is more than one, you must indicate the line break with a % sign in the label description.


The number of characters of one line of the label description.

If the height is more than one line, you must specify the length of the longest line.

The maximum value is 70 characters.


If this check box is selected, the label has expired.

Expired labels cannot be used in the specified release (VRC) or any releases derived from it.

Search Argument

The label's search argument. The search argument is part of the second index.

Default value

The first 10 characters of the label description, including the % signs.

Tools changes lowercase characters to uppercase characters.

Context of Label

Select the context of the label's use:

Allowed values: