Change password for Role and Developer authorization (ttadv0143m000)

Use this session to maintain the password for the User Data (ttaad2500m000) session and Developer Authorization Template (ttams1151m000) session.

After you have entered the actual password, you must enter the new password twice. If the new passwords are identical, the old password is changed to the new one.


If you have forgotten the current password, complete these steps:

  1. For Windows, log in as user "baan". For UNIX, log in as user "root".
  2. Start this session, Change password for Role and Developer authorization (ttadv0143m000).
  3. Specify any password in the Current Password field.

    The field is not checked now, it makes no difference what you specify.

  4. Specify the new password in the New Password and Re-enter New Password fields.
  5. Close the session.

The new password is valid.


This button is available:

Use this command to change the password.

The command can only be used by the tenant administrator.

Field Information

Current Password

Specify your current password.

New Password

Specify the new password.

Re-enter New Password

Reenter the new password.