Cancel Jobs (ttaad5204m000)

Use this session to stop active jobs.

Select the job and then click Stop Job on the appropriate menu. The job is canceled. The running session of the job will be executed completely. The following one is not started. The job gets the status Canceled.

Note: If you have started this session by zooming, you can only find and select a record.

Field Information


The job identification code.


The description or name of the code.



If this check box is selected, a job can be executed periodically. This means that it can be (re)started after a given period. This period can be:

  • A calendar date A calendar is a list of dates on which the job can be executed.
  • A period interval A number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months. Note You can specify whether the job must be periodical in the Periodical field in the Job Data (ttaad5100s000) session.
Planned Execution Date

The date of the next execution of the job. If a job is periodical, this field shows the next date of the calendar or the date corresponding to the given period, after executing the job.


The job status.

Note: You can only cancel jobs with the status Free or Running.