Activate Job (ttaad5203m000)

Use this session to start/activate a job.

Only jobs with the Free status can be activated by this session. Jobs with the status In queue are activated by the job daemon. If the status is Blocked you must first change the status to Free if you want to activate the job with this session.

Field Information


The job identification code.


The description or name of the code.


The creator of the job.


The name of the Tools user.

Use External Schedule

If this check box is selected, the time schedule is not used.

When the Use External Schedule check box is selected, an external program (for example, UNIX or an external Job scheduler) determines when to run a particular job. In that case the calendar/time schedule within Tools is ignored.


If this check box is selected, the job is periodical.

Note: You can specify whether the job must be periodical in the Periodical field in the Job Data (ttaad5100s000) session.

The calendar that specifies the execution dates and times for a periodical job.

Note: If you do not use a calendar you can specify the period interval between two executions using the Period field and the Period field in the Job Data (ttaad5100s000) session.

The description or name of the code.


The number of period units.


Specifies the unit of the period.

End of Period

The date that indicates that a periodical job should not be executed after exceeding this date.

Planned Execution Date

The date of the next execution of the job. If a job is periodical, this field shows the next date of the calendar or the date corresponding to the given period, after executing the job.

Maximum Duration

If a job exceeds its maximum duration, it is stopped. The running session is finished, but the next session is not executed. The history record explains the cause of the termination.

If you enter 0 in this field, the job duration is unlimited.


Indicates the status of the job.