Print References To Parent (ttaad4229m000)

Use this session to print the references to a table dependent on the specified key.

Note: This session supports LN standard table relations. References to CDF fields are outside the scope of this session.

Session usage

  1. Specify the name of the parent table and the company number.

    The key fields of the table are displayed.

  2. Specify a value for each key field.
  3. On the Search Range tab, specify selection ranges and other settings.

    For details on the selection fields, see Table Fields (ttadv4122s000).

  4. Click Print. A report is printed. The report shows referenced occurrences of the key record.


  1. You specify this information:
    • Table: ttaad200
    • Company: 0000
  2. The user key field is displayed. For this field, you specify this value: bsp
  3. You click Print. The report shows the records, in child tables of ttaad200, that refer to the bsp user. For example, the Printer Queue (ttaad320) table contains records that refer to the bsp user.

Field Information


The source table.

Specify the package, module, and table code.


The company number under which the table must exist.

Key fields of table

The key fields of the selected table.

Specify a legal value for each key field.