Fonts (ttaad3560m000)

Use this session to view and maintain fonts that are available on the LN server. If these fonts are present in the predefined “lnreporting” Font Usage Category, they can be used in the Report Designer (ttstppersrep).


These options are available:

Scans system paths for fonts and adds these fonts to the session. This action is performed automatically when the Report Designer (ttstppersrep) starts and no fonts are present yet.
Upload Font
Starts the Upload Font (ttaad3563s000) session to add a font manually.
Note: To clear and process banking checks, these magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) fonts are available in a cloud environment:
  • CCodeMICR: includes multiple MICR E13B fonts based on the MICR E13-B industry standard.
  • CCodeCMC7: includes multiple MICR CMC-7 fonts based on the MICR CMC-7 industry standard.

For more information about the MICR fonts, see the BarcodeResource website.

Field Information

Font Name

The name of the font.

Family Name

The family name of the font.

Subfamily Name

The subfamily name of the font.


This field indicates whether the font is mono-spaced.

Font Height

The average height of a character in the font, in points.

Font Width

The average width of a character in the font, in points.

Font Type

The font type: TrueType, OpenType, or Type1.

Font Owner

For fonts that are present in the system folders and added through the Initialize action, the font owner is System.

For fonts that are added manually, the font owner is User.

You cannot remove System fonts from the session.