Fonts by Paper Type (ttaad3111m000)

Use this session to define the paper width and paper height corresponding with a combination of font and paper type.

A font is a set of characters of the same typeface (such as Garamond), style (such as italic), and weight (such as bold). A font consists of all the characters available in a particular style and weight for a particular design. You can choose from the various available fonts or define new fonts.

Typically, LN uses the fonts small, large, and medium but other fonts are available in the Font box. For each combination of font and paper type, you must enter the number of characters per line and the number of lines per sheet of paper.

Note: If a report is sent to a physical printer, you can only select the fonts that match the printer's paper type. The number of characters on a line and the number of lines that fit on a sheet of paper depend on the font being used. Based on the entered data, Tools checks whether the report fits on the sheet.

Field Information

Paper Type

The paper type that can be loaded in a printer device.

Paper Type

A description of the paper type.


The available fonts that are used in combination with the paper type. A wide variety of fonts is available in the drop down box.

Note: The fonts are defined in the printer information files of the printers. A font will only be effective when the escape sequence of the font is present in the printer information file.
Paper Width

The number of characters (in the specified font) that fit on one line of the paper type.

Paper Height

The number of lines that fit on one page of the selected paper type (using the specified font).