Paper Types (ttaad3110m000)

Use this session to define the paper types that are required to print LN ’s output data.

A paper type indicates the characteristics of the paper that you can load in a physical printer. You can assign a paper type to a printer in the Device Data (ttaad3100s000) details session.

Note: When output is directed to a printer, the paper that is loaded must be suitable for accepting the output. LN can generate different types of output, each of which must be printed on a certain type of paper. You can define specific paper types for every type of output.

Field Information

Paper Type

The paper type that can be loaded in a printer device.


The paper orientation.

Allowed values



This setting is only relevant for printers of type Windows Printer and Windows Server Printer. The setting has no effect for printers of type External Reporting Services, Direct, Printer, or Logical printer.

Paper Size

The Windows paper size of the paper type. This paper size is used to determine whether a report fits on the paper.

See Automatic paper selection for Windows printers (OP).