Active Users (ttaad2560m000)

Use this session to monitor logged in users on one or more nodes or hosts. The session shows the list of active users and refreshes every five seconds.

Note: This session is only valid on Windows. The bshell cleanup action and the Terminate command are not available on UNIX and Linux.


These options are available:

Only available on Windows.

When you click Terminate, the portingset stops the selected bshell processes. This can be convenient when processes do not react anymore.

Field Information


Tenant name




The LN user.


The name of the LN user.

SSO User

The name of the user as it is known in SSO Service.

User Type

The user type, Normal User or Super User, of the LN user.

Login Time

The login time of the LN user.

Bshell PID

The Bshell PID of the active user.


This field indicates whether the process is a Background Process or a User Process.

For example:

  • When a user logs in using LN UI, the Category is User Process. The Type field contains " UI Process ".
  • A bshell that handles Job ABC is displayed as a Background Process. The Type field contains " Job Process ". The Information field contains "[ABC]".

The startup session type.

Allowed values

BFlow Scheduler
BSE Services Framework Process
BSE Services Framework Stop Process
Connector for Web Services
Health Monitor
HTTP Server
ION Integration Process
JCA Daemon
Job Process
Log Daemon
OLE Daemon
Parallel Processing Server
UI Process

Additional information about the startup process.

Often, this field is empty. For some situations, this field contains additional information. For example:

  • For type Job Process, the Information field contains the Job Code.
  • For type Other, the Information field contains the startup session code.

The status of the process. Is it started or stopped.

Termination Time

Time elapse after termination of a bshell process.

Command Line

Only available in an on-premises/single tenant cloud situation.

This field shows the bshell command line. The command line contains technical information that can be very usefull for Infor support or the system administrator. An example of a command line: -set BSE_COMPNR=123 -set BSE_USER=jdoe