Trusted Lists (ttaad2557m000)

Trusted lists provide a mechanism to establish trust for legal purposes. A country can publish a trusted list at a known URL; this list contains all certificate authorities that are trusted by the country. The list itself is trusted because the list itself is also signed, using a trusted certificate. If you use the Refresh Trusted Lists (ttaad2257m000) session, the trusted lists are downloaded and a certificate store is created.


These options are available:

Refresh Trusted Lists
Starts the Refresh Trusted Lists (ttaad2257m000) session to download the trusted lists and update the cached certificate store.

Field Information

Country Code

The ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 country code. If the country code is “EU”, the trusted list URL is defaulted and you do not have to specify the Allowed Signers Key Store.

Trusted List URL

The location from which the list can be downloaded.

Allowed Signers Key Store

Normally a trusted list can only be signed by specific persons. To correctly verify the trusted list, the certificates that are used by these persons must be trusted. This field contains the path to the certificate store that contains those certificates.

Key Store Password

The password that is required to access the Allowed Signers Key Store.