Service Users (ttaad2515m000)

Use this session to manage and grant specified access to third parties with users outside your current corporate structure.

You must have tenant administration authorization.

Field Information

Service User

Specify the service user that must be connected to the IFS User.

The service user must be configured in LN by a Tenant admin through the Service Users (ttaad2515m000) session.

For Document Output Management you can also create a service user for LN user ion_ln to upload documents to IDM.

When a ‘standard’ LN user logs in, the value is the current IFS user GUID. When an external user logs in, the value is a pre-configured service user GUID.

IFS User Identity

Specify the unique IFS GUID that must be assigned to the (external) user.

LN User

Specify an LN user to link to a Service User. This field has a zoom session to the User Data (ttaad2500m000) session.