User Data (ttaad2500s000)

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Field Information


Specifies a user code to identify the user as a LN user.

The Tools user code is normally similar to the UNIX user code defined in the System Login field. However, you can define more than one Tools user for only one UNIX user.

When a user starts the bshell, by default the system starts with the Tools User code that is equal to the UNIX user code. It is possible to start the bshell with a different Tools user code by setting the BSE_USER environment variable.


System login LN user
dave dave
dave dave_01
dave dave_02
john john
john john_01

If UNIX user "dave" starts the bshell, by default he will be user "dave" in Tools . UNIX user "dave" can specify the BSE_USER environment variable with "dave_01" or "dave_02", to start with another Tools User.

If UNIX user "dave" sets the BSE_USER environment variable to "john" or "john_01" and tries to start the bshell, he will get the message: "Not authorized to run as user 'john'". In the same way, UNIX user "john" can only start the bshell with Tools User "john" or "john_01" but not with "dave", "dave_01" or "dave_02".


Specifies the name of the LN user.

User Type

Specifies the user type of the LN user.


Specifies the default company for the LN user. The user will work with data from that company.

Package Combination

Specifies the package combination that is used to link the user to a version of Tools .