Startup Sessions (ttaad2106m000)

Use this session to add sessions to a session group.

Note: You must first assign a session group to a LN user in the User Settings (ttaad2105m000) session.

When the LN user starts the bshell, then the startup sessions in the user's session group are started in the user's active company. The logistic, financial, or current company, which is specified in the Start Company by Module (ttaad1105m000) session, is not taken into account.

Field Information

Session Group

session group

  • You can define and modify session groups in the Session Groups (ttaad2107m000) session.
  • You can add sessions to a session group in the Startup Sessions (ttaad2106m000) session.
Session Group

The description of the session group.


The sequence number that indicates the sequence of execution of the session in the list.


The session (s) that belong to the specified session group.