Change Company Number (ttaad1200s000)

Use this session to change the current company number, for the period you are working with the bshell. This means that you will have access to the data of other companies.

Enter the company you want to work with. Leave the session. From that time, your working company will be the specified company. If you leave the bshell, and then restart it, you will again work with your default company, defined in User Data (ttaad2500m000) session.

If you, as user, are of the Normal User type, you can only switch to a company you are authorized to use.

Note: You can only switch to another company if the package combination of that company contains the same package VRCs and data definitions as the package combination in your user file. In most cases, this will mean that you can switch to a company with the same package combination as in your user file.

Field Information


Select the company number in which you want to work.

Possible messages:

  • No permission for company X You are a normal user, and you have no permission to access data of tables in this company.
  • Package combination of company is X; package VRCs are different. The package combination of the entered company differs from your user package combination. This means that the entered company is linked to a different version of the software. Access to this company is only possible if your package combination is equal to the company package combination.

There are exceptions to this rule. The company package combination can only differ from the user package combination if the following restrictions are satisfied:

  • Both package combinations must include the same packages.
  • The package VRCs in both package combinations can only be different if:
  • Both VRCs are derived from each other
  • Both package VRCs are derived from the same VRC, where in the derived VRCs no changes in data definitions or domains have been made.

The description of the company

Package Comb.

The current package combination you are working in.