Personalization Roles (ttaad1150m000)

Use this session to display all personalization roles.

Where an AMS Role represents a set of authorizations, Personalization Roles are used to assign a set of session, report, and menu personalizations.

For Personalizations on Role Level, either Personalization Roles or Enterprise Modeling (EM) (business processes) Roles, see the Manage Personalizations (ttadv9150m000) session.

The Personalization Roles session is expanded with a default start menu. When the user switches between roles a new start menu is loaded. The start menu is not mandatory. When the user switches to a role without a menu, the default startup menu is loaded which is defined in the user data.

In the User Data (ttaad2500m000) session you must link one of the roles that you specified in the Personalization Roles (ttaad1150m000) session.

Open the entry of the user you want to link to one or more roles. Select in the References menu the User Personalization Roles (ttaad2104m100) session or click Browse in the Role field. Select one of the specified roles from the User Personalization Roles (ttaad2104m100) session and click OK. This role becomes the default role of the user. The user must log off and log on again to let the change take effect. After re-login the user can switch between the linked roles with Change Role (ttdsk2009m000). This option is similar to the option Change Company.

Field Information

Role Type

User or Template.


The role ID and description.

Start-Up Menu (Menu Code)

Default startup menu for users linked to the Role.