Packages by Package Combination (ttaad1121m000)

Use this session to add package VRCs to a package combination.

Make sure that you enter all required packages in the package combination. Even packages you do not run can be necessary, as table definitions of other packages may use domains of these packages.

After adding packages or modifying the version, release, and/or customization code of the packages, click Rebuild DD on the Specific menu to (re)build the Runtime Data Dictionary of domains, table definitions, sessions and file redirections. If necessary, the tables of the companies linked to the package combination will be reconfigured to the new data definitions. Restart the bshell to make the changes active at runtime.

The process can take a long time. To prevent locking problems, make sure that everybody working in the involved companies leaves the bshell. If you do not, you can get error 113 while reconfiguring the tables. You will get the Error during file configuration; try again ? question. In that case, you must again check if everybody has logged off. If so, answer Yes to this question. If the message appears again, you must answer No, run rc.stop and rc.start (in this order) and restart this session for the same package combination.

Possible messages in this session:

  • No changes in package combination You can get this message if you change the VRCs of some packages in the package combination. If the new VRCs are derived from the original ones, and if there were no software components changed in comparison with the old VRCs, it is not necessary to rebuild the runtime dictionary. You can leave the session and restart the bshell and your changes in the package combination are active at runtime.
  • First Rebuild the data dictionary or choose the Exit option You will get this message, if you try to leave this session after you change the packages in the package combination, but do not process the changes.

Possible questions in this session:

  • Table ttaad100 is locked, try again?
  • Package combination record is locked; try again ?
  • Package VRC file is in use; try again?

If one of these questions appears, somebody else is running one of the following sessions:

  • Change Package Combination by Company (ttaad1101m000) session
  • Packages by Package Combination (ttaad1121m000) session
  • Package VRCs (ttadv1111s000) session
  • Create Runtime Data Dictionary (ttadv5210m000) session
  • Convert to Runtime Data Dictionary (ttadv5215m000) session

After a system crash you can get these questions, even if nobody else is working in these sessions. In that case, you must delete an application lock in the Application Locks (ttadv9598m000) session. Delete the application locks with the keys:

       tttaad120<Package Combination>

To delete a complete package combination, use the Package Combinations (ttaad1120s000) session.

You can also use this session to disconnect a package VRC from a package combination. You must disconnect the package VRC before you can purge it. For details on purging refer to "Purge Procedure" in the Infor Enterprise Server Administration Guide.

Field Information

Package Combination

The code which indicates the package combination to which you want to add packages.


A package which is (or will be) part of the specified package combination.

Package VRC

The version of the package.


The release of the package.


The customer extension of the package.