ISO Data Language Mapping (migration) (ttaad1114m000)

Use this session to define a mapping between old ISO 639-2 based language codes and new ISO 639-1/ISO 3166 based language codes.

This mapping is used to migrate existing data languages, created in older versions, to the new coding standard used from Infor Enterprise Server 8.4.1 onwards.

For details, refer to To migrate data languages.

Field Information

Data Language (from)

An existing ISO 639-2 based language code. For example, eng or dut.


The status of the language. For details, refer to Life cycle of a data language.

Data Language (to)

A new ISO 639-1/ISO 3166 based language code.

You can zoom to the Data Languages (ttaad1111m000) session.

The following table shows a sample mapping:

Data Language (from) Data Language (to)
eng en_US
fre fr_BE
ger de