Generic Units (ttaad1106m000)

Use this session to define generic units with their symbol and corresponding thousand sign and decimal sign.

You must convert to runtime the changes of the Generic units. The runtime data is stored in the file ${BSE}/lib/datecurr.

Field Information

Generic Unit

The Generic Unit, for example USD for US Dollars. This can be used when the Unit is a currency.

Note: If the code consists of less than three characters, you must enter spaces before the code. Because the currency code in Tools Common is right-aligned.


The currency code is DM. You have to enter SPACE DM. The currency code is N. You have to enter SPACE SPACE N


The description or name of the code.

Currency Symbol

The symbol of the Unit.

If the Unit is a currency, for example, you can enter USD for US Dollars.

Thousand Sign

The sign used as thousand sign for the specific Unit.

Decimal sign

The sign used as a decimal sign for the specific Unit.