Start Company by Module (ttaad1105m000)

Use this session to register which module of a package belongs to a Financial, Logistic or the Current Default Company. If a module is not registered in this session, then the module belongs to the current default company.

This session is only useful and applicable if the LN user has enabled Dynamic Company switching in the Logistic - Financial Company switching (ttaad0101s000) session.

Dynamic Company switching

End-users may have multiple operational companies in which they are working. In many cases financial companies are defined for each country but they all use one and the same logistic company.

If a session is started, it is automatically started in the right company. If needed, a company switch is done. If the session belongs to the financial company, a switch is done to the financial company linked to the user. Dynamic company switching is applied when sessions are started from the menu browser or started manually. Sessions started from a parent session are always started in the same company in which the parent session was started, unless this is overruled by specifically programmed application logic. If no logistic or financial companies are defined for the user, sessions are started in the current (default) company.