Company (ttaad1100s000)

Use this session to define companies with the associated data.

You cannot delete a company which has been linked as a default for a user in the User Data (ttaad2500m000) session. You cannot change the value in the Package Comb. field of a company. The package combination can only be changed using the Change Package Combination by Company (ttaad1101m000) session.

Note: To make your changes active at runtime, you must run these options and restart the application.

Field Information


The company number which identifies a particular table or data set.

Note: Company number 000 is reserved for tables of Tools . It is not required to define any specific authorizations, since all users are automatically authorized to use this company.

The name of the company.

First Day of the Week

In some Tools applications, the day of the week can be indicated by a day number between 1 and 7. The first day of the week indicates the day represented by day number 1.

Default value


In this way, day sequence numbers can be converted to calendar days.

Conversion to runtime

The First Day of the Week setting is stored in the runtime user files ( $BSE/lib/user/u[User]). Therefore, if this field is changed, you must perform a conversion to runtime.


You change the first day of the week for company 789; you must run the Convert Changes to Runtime DD (ttams2200m000) session and convert the changes for all users that are linked to company 789.

Default Currency

The generic unit to be used by default in the specified company.

Note: It is only meaningful to use Units for currencies in this field.
Package Comb.

Indicates the package combination of the company. The tables must agree with the data definitions of the package VRC s in the package combination.

Note: Changing the package combination of a company is only possible in the Change Package Combination by Company (ttaad1101m000) session.

Indicates the company type. The company type can have the values: Logistic, Finance or Both. This field is visible if the parameter for dynamic Logistic - Financial Company switching (ttaad0101s000) is enabled. During the deployment the customer must ensure that the company type is in line with Enterprise Management Module (EMM) within the LN applications.

See Infor LN User Guide for Multicompany Structures.

Upgrade Needed

This check box indicates whether the tables for a company must be migrated to a new Feature Pack. The check box plays an important role during a Feature Pack Upgrade, for example when you perform an upgrade from LN FP2 to LN FP3.

When you install a Feature Pack upgrade, this check box is selected automatically for all companies connected to the new Feature Pack package combination, to indicate that you must migrate the tables of these companies.

Important: Do not start sessions in companies for which this check box is selected. If you start a session, this warning is displayed: “This company should not be used because it needs a data upgrade”.

Before you can use the new Feature Pack, you must perform various mandatory post-installation steps: you must first run the Data Upgrade Engine (ttspt1200m000) session, and subsequently initialize various parameters. For details on these post-installation steps, see the Specific Installation Guide (U8744 US).

After the Data Upgrade Engine (ttspt1200m000) session has run successfully, the check box is cleared automatically.

ISA Application Data

The values in this field indicate how much application data is collected from this company number. This data is send to the Infor Support Assistant (ISA). Support shall indicate in time what value to specify and for which company. We recommend that you specify the value "None" for the test companies.

Allowed values

  • None
  • Minimal
  • Full

Use this field to link a company logo to the company record. This logo can be used as a company logo in Infor Reporting and Report Designer. You can use the browse option to search for an image. Alternatively, you can use the Windows drag and drop mechanism to drop an image on this field.

This field is only displayed in LN UI.