Logical Tables by TSS (tltsm1140m000)

Use this session to exclude specific tables from the table sharing that you defined for a table set or to specify another physical company.

Field Information

Table Sharing Set

The table sharing set.

Table Sharing Set

Description of the table sharing set.


A table sharing set's status determines what you can do with the table sharing set.

Logical Company

The logical company.

Table Set

The table set, that lists the tables that must be shared.

Table Set

The description of the table set.

Selection Type

The type of record, Table or Module.


The package code of the table or module.


The module.


The table

Note: If the Exclude check box is selected, this table is not contained in this table set, for this table sharing set.

The description of the table or module.


If this check box is selected the table or module is excluded from the table set for this table sharing set.

Note: To include an entire module except for a few specific tables, include the module, and insert the excluded tables separately. Select the Exclude check box for the tables that must not be included.
Physical Company

The physical company to which the logical company will be linked.

Default value

The default value for this field is the value of the Default Physical Company field in the Logical Companies by TSS (tltsm1120m000) Table Sharing Sets (tltsm1115m009) session.