Table Sets (tltsm1100m000)

Use this session to maintain table sets.

To view or modify the tables that belong to the table set, double-click a record.

To link the table set to a package combination, select a table set and on the Specific menu, click Table Sets by Package Combination.

To specify that a table set is meant to be exported to other systems, use the Set Table Set Export (tltsm0220m000) session.

Field Information

Table Set

The table set.


Description of the table set.


A table set's status determines what you can do with the table set.

Allowed values


The table set can be freely changed.

The table set must be approved, before the table set can be made actual.


The table set can be made actual.

You cannot change a table set that has status Approved.


You cannot use the table set anymore. The table set is retained for archiving only.


If this check box is selected, the table set (in its current composition) has been verified by using the Verify Shared Logical Tables command.

If you modify the table set, LN clears this check box.

To view the result of the verification, select the table set and click Table Sharing Exceptions.


If this check box is selected, the table set is part of a table sharing set that is actual.

If the Allow changes in Actual Table Set Data check box in the Table Sharing Parameters (tltsm0100m000) session is selected, you are still allowed to change the composition of the table set.


If this check box is selected, the table set is approved for use in a predefined table set, to be delivered with the software.

For more information, refer to Predefined table sets.

Package Combination

The package combination to which the table set was linked in the Table Sets by Package Combinations (tltsm1150m000) session.

Package Combination

The description of the package combination.