Update Table References (tltsm0201m000)

Use this session to fill the repository with the references defined in the data dictionary ( hard references).

Note: Before you use this session, you must have specified the relevant package combinations in the Table Sharing Package Combinations (tltsm0105m000) session.

To search and store references

To find the references:

  1. Specify the selection ranges to determine which tables to search.
  2. Clear the Initialize Repository check box.
  3. Click Process....

For each relevant package combination, LN checks each table in the selection range. LN checks only the current table definition, as defined by the package combination and the VRC structure. Every reference that the session finds, is stored in the repository.

LN also checks the soft references that the repository contains. If a more recent VRC exists of the program script that causes the soft reference, the VRC information is updated.

References that LN found in earlier runs of this session, will be retained in the repository. To clean up the repository, refer to the To initialize the repository section, below.

After you run this session, you can view the references in the Table References (tltsm0110m000) session.

To initialize the repository

  1. Specify the selection ranges to determine for which tables the references must be removed from the repository.
  2. Select the Initialize Repository check box.
  3. Click Process....

LN removes all references from the repository for every VRC for the tables in the selection range.

Field Information

Initialize Repository

If this check box is selected, LN deletes all references that had been stored in the repository within the selection range.

If this check box is cleared, LN adds the references it finds into the repository. Existing references are left unchanged.