Test Case Logging (tlrgt1170m000)

Use this session to view log information of executed test sets.

See Test Set Log (tlrgt1160m000).

Field Information

Set No.

A sequence number that increases every time a set is executed. This makes the logging unique.

Case Run Number

A sequence number that increases every time a case is executed. This number makes the case logging unique.

A case can run stand-alone. Therefore, the Case Run Number may differ from the Set No..


If a case is not completed, this field indicates how far the progress is.


Indicates whether a test case was restarted.

Start Date

The start Date/time of the “Test Set”.

End Date

The End Date/time of the “Test Set”.

Domain ID

This ID is intended for custom-made reports that can make summaries per domain.


The name of the engineer to be contacted if there are problems with the case.