Test Framework Parameters (tlrgt0100m000)

Use this session to set test framework related parameters.

Field Information

Scheduler Interval

The interval used by the scheduler when checking if there are “Test Sets” to be started

Number of Parallel Executed Test Sets

The Number of parallel execution test sets performed.

Restart Failed Cases

If this check box is selected, failed BFlow cases are immediately restarted automatically.

If this check box is cleared, failed BFlow cases are not restarted automatically.

Maximum Restarts

The maximum number of restarts that is allowed for the period that is specified in the Over the last .. hours field.

If a test case fails, then the number of restarts for all cases, during the specified period, is counted. If this number equals or exceeds the maximum number that is specified in this field, then the case is not restarted.


You specify this information:

  • Maximum Restarts: 10
  • Over the last .. hours: 18

If a case fails, then the case is only automatically restarted if less than 10 cases were restarted during the last 18 hours.

Over the Last

The period for which the maximum number of restarts applies.

See Maximum Restarts.

Path for logfiles

The location on the server where the test results are stored.

Maximum Logging Period

The number of days between the start and end date in which the logging expires.

Cleanup Schedule Time

The time planned for the cleanup.