BOD Outbox History (tlesb1501m000)

Use this session to view the BOD Outbox History, with options to delete or retry.

Field Information


The company for which the BOD will be published.


The BOD noun.


The BOD verb.

Noun Sequence Number

The noun sequence number.

Message Timestamp

The timestamp of the last action on the message.

Message Status

The status of the message.

These message statuses exist:

  • Error: An error occurred when publishing the BOD.
  • Duplicate: The message is not published because the same message is found in the History as published.
  • Processed: The message is published.
Logical ID

The logical ID of the BOD.


The message ID of the BOD.

Error Reason

When the BOD has status “Error” then it contains the error message. The field is blank when the BOD has another status. If the BOD is retried, then the error reason is cleared.