Error Log (tlbct6530m000)

Use this session to show the exceptions that occurred during BOD processing/publishing.

Field Information


The company number in which the process and error occurs.

Unique Identifier

The unique identifier of the message. For inbound BODs, it equals the unique identifier of the BOD.

Error Time

The time stamp that the process is checked that it is running.

Storage Type

The type of storage.

These storage types exist:

  • Inbox: The error is inbox (Worker) related.
  • Outbox: The error is outbox (Publisher) related.

The noun of the BOD that is being processed or published. The field is blank if the problem is not related with a specific BOD message.

Noun Sequence Number

The sequence number of the BOD that is being published. The field is specified for outbound BODs only.

Error Message

The error message.