BOD Processes Monitoring (tlbct6520m000)

Use this session to to show the status of each publisher and worker. From this session, the BOD Scheduler can be started and stopped and the Error Log can be viewed.

Field Information

Process Type

The process type.

These types exist:

  • Publisher: This type sends BOD messages from the BOD Outbox to ION.
  • Worker: This type processes BOD messages from the BOD Inbox.

The company the process runs in. Publishers always run in company 0.

Bshell ID

The ID number of the bshell where the Publisher or Worker runs in. Each Publisher or Worker runs in its own bshell. The ID is 0 when the process does not exist.

Last Checked Time

The time stamp that the process is checked that it is running.

Process Status

The status of the process.

The process can have these statuses:

  • Running: The process is running.
  • Stopping: The Scheduler notified that the process will stop.
  • Not Running: The process does not exist.