Call Graph Profiler Settings for BOD/BDE (tlbct6150m000)

Use this session to specify the CGP settings for BOD/BDE.

Field Information


The BOD/BDE name.

When you execute a BOD/BDE “Customers” in company 0300 and a BOD/BDE record exists for all companies and for company 0300, the most specific record is used. In this case the record for company 0300 is used for the profile settings.

Company Selection

Specify a specific company or select the All Companies check box.

If all companies are specified then the BOD/BDE is profiled independent of the company where it is executed for. Default is a specific company.


If a specific company is selected then this field specifies the company where the profile settings of this record are valid for. The default is the current company. The company of the process Company The company of the process

Profile Settings
Start Date/Time Profiling

Profiling is only done in this time period. The max period is 24 hours and the Start and End Date/Time is without seconds.

Start Date/Time Profiling

The default value is the start date and time + 1hour of the Start Date/Time Profiling field.

Max Number of Profiles

This field is maximized to 20 and defaulted to 1. When a BOD/BDE is executed more than the ”Max Number of Profiles” times the profiling is disabled.

Number of Profiles Started

The number of profiles that are executed. This field is updated when a BOD/BDE is executed in profile mode.

Directory for Storing Profile

The profile is stored in this folder: ${BSE}/<path>/YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS

YYYY is the year MM the month DD the day HH hours MM minutes SS seconds. For example: 2020-10-23T12:12:29.

The path is defaulted to appdata/profiles/<company>_<processname>

<processname> is the name of the BOD_BDE.

Profile Options

Select Yes or No to use a filter.

Filter Content

Specify the filter content for CGP.