Device management

Document Output Management - PDF optimization

An option has been added to optimize the size of PDF documents when processing DOM documents.

The compression level can be set in the Document Output Management Parameters (ttrpi2100s000) session for all document types, and can optionally be overruled in the individual document type details.

These compression levels can be specified in the new PDF Compression field:

  • Not
  • Lossless
  • High

File Manager - improved security through user permissions on folders

Folder access and permissions within File Manager can be specified in the new File Manager Permissions (ttfma1500m000) session.

Permissions can be specified at user level and role level. Both AMS roles and EM roles are supported. These permission levels are available:

  • Modify
  • Read
  • No Permission

Optionally, the permissions can also be applied to child folders.

If permissions are specified, permission handling can be enabled with the Use File Manager Permissions parameter in the Tools Parameters (ttad0100m000) session.

In the File Manager, you can select a folder or file and use the Properties Dialog to view the corresponding properties. In this dialog, the Calculate Size option has been added to calculate the size of the selected folder.