Database management

S3 location for sequential table dumps

Sequential table dumps can now be stored only in the AWS S3 location, more precisely in its tmp directory (AWS_S3_admin/tmp).

Consequently, these changes have been implemented:

  • Dump/table files can be created only in the AWS S3 location in the Create Sequential Dump of Table (ttaad4226m000) session.
  • The S3 location can be selected from the File Manager when zooming in the directory fields of the Create Table from Sequential Dump (ttaad4227m000) session.

To prevent disruptions in the batch processing, a grace period is provided for the jobs. The jobs that contain the Create Table from Sequential Dump (ttaad4227m000) session pointing to non-S3 locations (${BSE}\appdata) will continue to work until April 30, 2023.

Each time such a job is run, a warning message is saved in the Job Session History. These jobs will fail from May 1, 2023. Use the grace period to change the jobs to use the S3 location.