Integration updates

Infor MES

LN CE can now be integrated with Infor MES. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are a specialized type of software solution focused on managing and monitoring manufacturing operations inside the plant. The goal of MES is to drive greater efficiency and quality in product execution and output. This is achieved through real-time control over machine and operator activities across production, inventory, quality, maintenance, and other functions. This integration is OData REST API-based.

This data is exchanged between LN CE and Infor MES:

  • Item data (materials and end items)
  • Production orders, including this operation data:
    • Routings
    • Machine operations
    • Bills of material
  • Inventory data related to production orders

After the data is processed in Infor MES, this information is updated back to LN CE:

  • Reported quantities (completed and rejected)
  • Machine operation complete
  • Machine hours, including downtime
  • Labor hours
  • Operation confirmation