LN Mobile Service

These enhancements have been made for LN Mobile Service:

  • Signal codes, which are specified and linked to items in LN CE, can now also be used in LN Mobile Service.
  • The plus and minus interval can now be configured for quantity values and time durations. Previously, the plus sign for hours always increased the time by 15 minutes, but now this interval can be set.
  • Customers can now receive a combined visit report for multiple service engineers. Previously, in case of multiple assignments, each assignee had to create a visit report and the customer could receive multiple reports.
  • Additional GPS data can be recorded for an employee. With this new feature, the service planner has more insight into the whereabouts of the service engineers.
  • It is now optional for a customer to sign off on a visit report.

Equipment Management Workbench

In the User Settings, you can now add more address columns to the equipment Gantt. This enables the equipment planner to view, for example, the actual address of the equipment.

Additionally, the expected return date is now available as an attribute to display in the Activity hover view.

Service Scheduler Workbench

You can now make the Employee Row smaller. With this new option, more employees can be displayed in the Gantt.