Document authorization for requisitions

If Document Authorization Workflow is used for requisitions and after approval, the Conversion Type field is changed, for example, from Purchase Order to RFQ, a second workflow approval is required. Previously, customers had to extend the workflow business object documents to model this field.

Now, the Conversion Type and Urgent fields have been added to the document authorization workflow template at the line level. With these fields in the template, customers can model automatic approval rules when changing the conversion type from RFQ to purchase order or vice versa, or when changing the Urgent field.

Linking of header special contract

The Use Only Header Special Contract parameter has been added to the Purchase Contract Parameters (tdpur0100m300) session to ensure that a purchase order uses only one special contract if a special contract is specified on the purchase order header.

If this parameter is selected, and a new line is added to the purchase order, only the header special contract is verified and no other special contracts or normal contracts. If no header special contract is specified, the normal contract search logic applies.

If this parameter is cleared, and a special contract is specified on the purchase order header, a check is made for each line of the purchase order to see if the item is included in that special contract. If it is not included, other special or normal contracts are searched for.