Product Lifecycle Management

Business process ID number for received Job Shop BOM

When the Send to Production step is initiated from a PLM business process, then the received Job Shop BOM is filled with <site>-<product>-<revision>.

The Use Business Process ID for Received Job Shop Bom ID parameter has been added to populate the Bill of Material field of the received Job Shop BOM with the business process ID. The value of this Bill of Material field is then copied to the Source Model field of Job Shop BOM header. The business process ID depends on the type. It can be the identification of an engineering change order, engineering change note, or a new product introduction workflow.

With this parameter, new BOM revisions can now be tracked back to the engineering order that caused the change.

Email notification for overdue task

In the PLM workflow template, functionality is available to send emails to defined recipients. The recipients receive an email through the SMTP server defined in tools, which connects to the eMessage connector in LN Tools. Recipients can be defined as PLM-Users, PLM-Groups, or non-PLM Users.

In the workflow template definition, a template for the body of the message and a subject for the email can be specified. In the definition of the workflow distribution step, variables such as business process field values can be specified.

Now, push messaging for overdue tasks has been added to this functionality.

Training overviews

For an overview and a more structured approach of new and changed PLM functionality, training overviews have been added. In these overviews, PLM functionality is explained based on the release version.

These training overviews have been added:

Overview training
Provides an overview of the current status of PLM for Discrete within LN CE. Since most PLM for Discrete 10.2 users are unfamiliar with the LN CE technology stack, this training explains the technology framework from a user perspective.
Setup PLM for use training
Provides an up-to-date understanding of how to configure PLM for Discrete after deploying the CloudSuite. This training is based on the Industry Process Catalogue (IPC) for this area. It includes a step-by-step approach to configure the application and set up PLM for use.

See also KB article 2227639.