Backflushing of material and hours for a line station

Previously, when a line station order was reported complete in the Line Station - Assembly Orders (tiasl6510m000) session, the material requirements and hours budgeted for that order could be backflushed only manually in the Backflush Requirements (tiasc7241m000) session.

Now, the Trigger Automatic Backflushing check box has been added to the Stations (tiasl1545m000) session. If this check box is selected and a line station order is reported complete, the order's budgeted material requirements and hours are backflushed automatically for the applicable station and the preceding connected stations.

Subcontracting enhancements

The Subcontractor and Subcontractor Location entities have been added to enhance business-partner modeling in a production environment. This applies to operation subcontracting and product subcontracting.

These enhancements are supported:

  • Subcontracting can now be modeled from a production site to multiple locations of a subcontractor.
  • Subcontracting can now be modeled from different production sites to one subcontractor location.
  • For a better overview of all options for subcontracting an operation, the Operation Subcontractors List (tisub2100m000) session can now be used.
  • The subcontracting rates for operation subcontracting have been extended with date effectivity.