Czech Republic and Slovakia

Fixed assets enhancements

If the localization parameter for Czech Republic or Slovakia is selected for the company in the Implemented Software Components (tccom0500m000) session, the Fixed Asset module of LN CE now supports technical upgrade transactions.

The Use Technical Upgrade parameter has been added to the Czech Parameters (lpcze0100m000) and Slovak Parameters (lpsvk0100m000) sessions. If this parameter is selected, when posting invoices with a fixed asset integration, the fixed assets' Amount to be Capitalized is increased. Next, the country-specific sessions Process Amount to be Capitalized (lpcze3201m000 / lpsvk3201m000) can be used to create acquisition or technical upgrade transactions.

Improvements have been introduced for these depreciation methods:

  • Czech Straight Line Depreciation
  • Czech Accelerated Depreciation
  • Slovak Straight Line Depreciation

Specific rules related to technical upgrade transactions are taken into account when applying those depreciation methods.