Database management

Improved usability for referential integrity checks

The Validate Data Integrity (ttaad4233m000) session, which is used to validate whether the database contents are according to the data dictionary, has been enhanced.

A new option, Referential Integrity (enhanced) , has been added. Use this option to check the validity of references. The functionality is similar to the Check Validity of Reference option in the Reorganize Tables (ttaad4225m000) session. The added value consist of these enhancements:

  • Support of parallel processing.
  • Support Maximum errors table option to limit the number of reported errors per table.
  • More detailed report output. Reported reference issues include, for example, the index value of the records, so issues can be addressed conveniently.
  • Substantial performance improvement.

In addition, the Domain Integrity option has been added to implement the already existing functionality to validate domain constraints. The functionality itself remains unchanged.