Basque e-invoicing TBAI

For Infor customers who report to one of the Basque Tax Agencies, communication of TicketBAI invoice files is now available for LN CE. The communication uses the Infor Localization Services Platform (LSP) to generate the TicketBAI invoice xml file, sign it, generate the identifier and QR code, communicate it to the tax authorities, and return the outcome of the communication to LN CE.

LN setup
  • The localization for Spain must be activated in the Implemented Software Components (tccom0500m000) session.
  • The Electronic Invoicing parameter must be activated in the Spanish Parameters (lpesp0100m000) session.
  • Use External Invoicing System must be selected for the invoicing method in the Invoicing Methods (tcmcs0555m000) session.
LSP setup
In the Tax Reporting Translation Maintenance screen of LSP, specify the tax reporting translation for the tax codes that are used on the LN sales invoices. With this mapping, LSP can convert the LN tax codes that are received on the Invoice BOD to the standard codes used in TicketBAI. You must also specify, and specifically for non-domestic tax codes, whether the tax code relates to services.
  1. After a billable line is composed in the Invoicing (cisli3600m000) session, the invoice can be submitted to the external system, through Actions on the Invoice tab. An invoice BOD is then sent to LSP.
  2. After receipt of the invoice BOD, LSP verifies whether a TicketBAI invoice xml can be created. LSP verifies whether it can map the tax code to one of the standard tax codes and whether the required information exists on the BOD. If the TicketBAI xml cannot be generated, this information is sent to LN CE, which changes the invoice status to Rejected by External System. In this situation, printing cannot proceed unless the error is corrected and the corrected BOD is resent to LSP.
  3. When LSP has managed to generate the TicketBAI invoice, it signs the invoice and generates the TicketBAI identifier and QR code, which are sent to LN CE where the invoice can be printed with these elements. Note that these input fields must be added to the invoice report using Report Designer so that they are visible on the printed invoice.
  4. After the QR code and TicketBAI identifier are forwarded to LN CE, LSP attempts to communicate the TIcketBAI xml to the tax agency. This does not affect the printing process, because printing can be performed already after signing the TicketBAI invoice xml in LSP. The outcome of the communication along with any error messages is displayed in the Electronic Invoice Information by Document (lpesp0111m000) session.
These limitations apply to the process:
  • Credit notes without a linked original invoice are communicated as negative sales invoices to the tax agency and not as rectification invoices. This is because it is mandatory to identify the original invoice on the TicketBAI schema.
  • The TicketBAI field Clave for Regimen especial has a default value of 01 (General), except if the customer is outside the EU. In this case, the field is set to 02 (Export). Other special tax regimes are currently not supported.
  • To modify a TicketBAI invoice file that is signed but rejected by the Administration, a different webservice called Zuzendu must be used. This service is not yet supported.

Sales consignment in Modelo 349

Previously, the registration of intracommunity consignment operations via SII could be performed in the SII for ICT Sales & Purchase Consignment (lpesp2136m000) session.

Now, consignment operations are also included in the Modelo 349 output file if the Process Intracommunity Listing (tccom7270m000) session is run for declaration country Spain and option ASCII – Spain.

Note: Exporting consignment operations in Modelo 349 only occurs for SII consignment records with an operation type of 01 (Shipment), 02 (Substitution), or 07 (Replenishment Return), and a status of Accepted.

Accepted corrections specified for SII records are also considered on the output file. However, registration of corrections specifically related to Modelo 349 consignment operations is not supported.