Integration updates

Infor Factory Track

The Assembly Control transaction has been added to the Production submenu in the Warehouse Mobility module of Factory Track. With this new transaction, line station and buffer orders can be reported complete.

Note: Feature RS9257 must be turned on in Factory Track for this.

Infor Nexus

The Inbound Visibility integration between LN CE and Infor Nexus TMS (Transport Management System) now also handles direct delivery purchase orders from LN CE.

Consequently, Nexus TMS can create a transport plan and shipment structure for purchased goods that are not received in LN CE warehousing, but that are delivered straight to a customer's site.

The shipment structure from Nexus TMS updates the Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) in LN CE with an external delivery address instead of a warehouse (address). The In-Context Visibility app enables users to gain insight into the Nexus transportation details.

Infor Supplier Exchange

Previously, there was a gap in the integration between Supplier Exchange and LN CE when using IDM.

If an IDM document is linked to, for example, a purchase order, purchase order line, or purchase schedule in LN CE, then that document is displayed in Supplier Exchange, because Supplier Exchange takes over the number.

If Supplier Exchange owns an object, such as the advanced shipment notice or the supplier invoice, then numbers are generated and documents are attached to IDM in Supplier Exchange. When sending the ASN or supplier invoice to LN CE, the Supplier Exchange data was not part of the IDM ID codes.

Now, LN CE can add the Supplier Exchange data codes to the IDM IDs, so documents linked in Supplier Exchange are displayed in LN CE. This new feature includes changes in LN CE and BODs.

LN ION content pack v21

Infor LN ION Content pack v21 is now available and includes new tax and registration monitors and workflows, and new BODs for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

These monitors have been added:

  • Tax and Registration Data without own identification number
  • Tax and Registration Breakdown without own identification number

This workflow has been updated:

  • Document Authorization Requisition

To support the Product Lifecycle Management (PD) package, these BOD updates have been made:

  • LN CE can now send these Process BODs:
    • BillOfMaterials
    • BillOfResources
    • ItemMaster
    • ManufacturerPartyMaster
    • ManufacturingPart
    • ProjectBudget
    • ProjectMaster
  • LN CE can now receive these Sync BODs:
    • ConstrainedResource
    • ItemMaster
    • LnItemMasterDefaults
    • ManufacturerPartyMaster
    • Person
    • ProjectMaster
    • UOMGroup
    • WorkCenter

For more information, see KB Article 1915676 on the Infor Support Portal.